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Aspen Woodturning Hollow Form For Sale

Welcome to my website of artistic woodturning creations. I hope you enjoy the beautiful wood nature provides as much as I do working with it, enhancing it's beauty with shapes, carvings, piercings, dyes, woodburning along with other finishes and embellishments.

It's very gratifying to take a block of wood or log that is destine to be firewood and turn it into art or other useful decor for the home or office.

                                Steve Huffman

                         Artistic Woodturnings

Elm Woodturning Decorative Wooden Vase For Sale
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Artistic Woodturnings offer a wide variety of wood turned art for sale on the gallery page. 

We sell anything from decorative bowls, plates and platters, hollow forms, vases as well 

as cremation urns for pets, and remembrance urns for humans. As time permits, we can 

sometimes take orders or request for some varieties of wood turned urns and other 

woodturning items.

We accept a variety of payments, credit cards, paypal, including mailed payments.

If you would like to purchase and item from us, please email me with the reference 

number of  the item you would like to buy.We ship Fed Ex and can give you a shipping quote as well. We ship only within the USA