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Walnut Wooden Cookie Jar Woodturned Wood Turning For Sale

“Black Walnut Cookie Jar”

Extra Large  Cookie Jar for the Cookie Monster’s

at your home! Food Safe Salad Bowl oil finish,

polished with natural bee’s wax.


Reference  # 1711

Dimensions:  11 1/4” tall x 9” wide

Price:     $150.00

Walnut Wooden Candle Holder Woodturned Wood Turning Carved Butterfly

“Walnut Wooden Candle Holder”

Black Walnut with a pierced Swallow Tail Butterfly

carved through so the LED candle will shine light. 

Antique Oil finish, polished with Renaissance wax. 


Reference  # 1725

Dimensions:  7” tall x 8” wide

Price:     $55.00

Wooden Scoop Woodturned Wood Turning Old Fashion Grain Flour

“Siberian Elm Wooden Scoop”

Lathe Carved Old Fashion Grain /Flour Scoop.

Antique Oil finish, polished with Renaissance wax. 


Reference  # 1718

Dimensions:  12” tall x 3 3/4” wide

Price:     $55.00

Cottonwood Wooden Candle Holder Woodturned Wood Turning

“Cottonwood Wooden Candle Holder ”

Old  branch wood carved into a rustic Candle Holder.

 Antique Oil finish, polished with Renaissance wax. 


Reference  # 1715

Dimensions:  9 1/4” tall x 5” wide

Price:     $40.00

Southwest Woodturning Walnut Woodturning For Sale Woodturned

“Southwest Walnut Set”

I am offering these two as a combined set. The Bowl is sold separate for $95.00 and the vase for $125.00 .

If you purchase these as the set, you can save $25.00


Reference  # 1557 (vase)  and  #1556 (bowl)


Price:   SOLD   $195.00

Aspen Clock Woodturning Walnut Woodturned Art

“Time to Turn”

Black Walnut with a Aspen inlayed Clock face, walnut pedestal and Aspen base. Numbers were burned in by hand with pyrography woodburner.

Spray lacquer finish, polished with Renaissance wax.


Reference  # 1536

Dimensions:  15 3/4” tall x 8” wide

Price:     Not for sale at this time

Siberian Elm Candlesticks For Sale Woodturned Woodturnings

Siberian Elm Candle Set

This set finished in Tung Oil

Sold as a complete set as shown with candles.


Reference  # 1515

Dimensions:  11 3/4” tall (tallest)  x 1 3/4” wide (each)

Price:    SOLD   $85.00

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